If you want a recruitment agency PSL recruiter, with a 30% fill rate and a transactional approach, we will be happy to make you a recommendation.

If not, read on.

You want us to embed our work in your recruitment process. You want right hire rather than best of the bunch. You want a dedicated research-based approach based on your employment context (getting this right is key to making the right appointment).

We help employers find the right person for critical vacancies.

If that’s you, stop reading and call Greg on 07896 092024.

Need more insight? Here’s how we do it.

We start our work before you write your job description – ensuring it represents the needs of your business and that you are aiming for the right kind of good in the candidate marketplace. Where there is a mismatch, we’ll help you get it right.

From there we agree a tailored approach that will find, engage and onboard those candidates. Our fee is arranged in line with this agreement – the total cost to you will be similar to other providers.

By gaining full insight on your vacancy, organisation, business operations, context and employment benefits, we ensure four things:

  • agree the appropriate service, based on the individual needs of your vacancy, candidate availability and market conditions
  • identify, approach and attract candidates that best meet your requirement
  • act as your advocate, preparing interviewees and making them excited about your opportunity, ensuring they give their best at interview and that they are more likely to accept a job offer
  • provide constructive feedback about the recruitment process, candidate marketplace and, if you are struggling to fill a vacancy, why that is

All our services are the consequence of this singular approach, whether it’s retained, search or other.

Designed to access active, passive and embedded candidates – the right person for the problem that is your vacancy.

Candidate experience is a core part of our strategy, which has a number of specific business benefits for the employer too. Give us a call and we will tell you why.

For volume campaigns, or if you are struggling with providing the right focus on your recruitment, you can rely on us to provide in-house and managed services. Click on Cognate for more information.